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Comments for drafts

Comments for drafts

Tobias Rudolf Justesen
August 4, 2021

Start collaborating more efficiently by using the comments feature for drafts. Discuss content, ask questions, negotiate terms, and more!

The comments function is a great way to facilitate improved collaboration in many different cases. Some examples of when comments could be helpful for you are: 

  1. You want to collect information or input from your recipient(s).
  2. You want to get feedback on the contract from your colleagues or your lawyer before sending it.
  3. You simply want to make comments for yourself.

Adding comments to a draft

The comment feature enables you to discuss the content of a draft by adding comments to specific words or paragraphs.

To add comments to a draft:

1. Select comment mode to the right of the text.

2. Highlight the text your comment is about. A dialogue box will now appear where you can write your comment.

3. Press Comment.

You have now added a comment to your draft.

In the dialogue box, you can edit or delete a comment by hovering your cursor over it. (You can only edit or delete a comment you made yourself.) You can also add new comments to the same section e.g. to reply on a question.

When you are in comment mode, comments will appear as a green speech bubble with a number in it next to the line the comment is on and the text will be underlined. The number inside the speech bubble indicates how many comments are in the thread.

When you are not in comment mode, the comment mode button will indicate how many active comment threads there are.

If you share the draft, the recipients will be able to see your comments and answer them/add their own by following the same process as above. Whenever someone makes a comment in a draft that you own, you will get a notification both in-app and via email. 

Please be aware that comments will not be visible for contract recipients when the draft is being sent for signature.

Active and resolved comments

To help keep a track of comments easier you can mark comments as Resolved if they are no longer relevant here:

And here:

In the side menu you can switch between seeing active and resolved comments:

In the draft, resolved comments will be shown with a checkmark. You can always reopen a comment thread if necessary.

Now you are ready to start collaborating more efficiently on your drafts!