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Build a team

Build a team

Tobias Rudolf Justesen
August 4, 2021

Learn how to set up a team, invite team members, and more!

Building a team can help create transparency throughout your organisation. It can also make collaboration easier. If you have more than one person regularly accessing or sending contracts, setting up a team is worth your consideration. Please be aware that teams are only available on the paid plans.

The team owner will be able to see all team members' documents, invite people to the team as members or viewers, control access permissions, and remove/deactivate viewers and members.

To build a team, there are two easy steps:

  • Create the team
  • Add team members

Create the team

1. Go to the Team tab in the top menu bar.

2. Press Create a team.

NOTE: If you cannot press Create a team, you are probably already part of a team. Contact your team administrator if you need to access someone else's contracts or invite a new team member. Otherwise, please contact our support.

3. Add a team name and press Save.

4. Add your company logo.

NOTE: The logo you add here will be the default logo in all your team contracts unless the contract template specifies another logo.

Add team members

Start growing your team by adding team members or team viewers. To add either press here:

Now, what's the difference between a team member and a team guest?

Team Members are most likely your colleagues who send out contracts out on behalf of your company. You can only be a member of one team. If a team member is deactivated (eg. in case the person is leaving the company) they will no longer have access to their account. 

Team Viewers could be e.g. external lawyers or investors who need access to view contracts but will not be sending contracts for your company. The team member or team owner will not have access to team viewers' documents.

NOTE: When a team member is added to the team, they have access to the same features as the team owner and are then on the same plan.

Choose what applies:

And send an invitation:

This last step is the same for members and viewers. You can invite several people at a time by pressing Add team member (see image above).