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BankID signatures

BankID signatures

Mathilde Skytt
Written by
Mathilde Skytt
August 31, 2020

Learn about BankID signatures on Contractbook

Please note that BankID is only available for people who live in Norway and Norwegian expats. As such, this article is only relevant to you if you belong to either of these two groups.

How to sign with BankID on Contractbook

On Contractbook, you can sign contracts with BankID and BankID on mobile.

You can change to BankID from the default signature type when you want to sign via the drop-down menu next to the Sign button:

When should I use BankID?

Signing with BankID carries a lot of legitimacy in Norway. Users using BankID has verified their identification with a passport through a third party. However, SMS signature is also adequate in many cases. If you are in doubt about when you have to use BankID for your digital signature, we recommend you contact a lawyer or another qualified professional.

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