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Automation Builder

Tobias Rudolf Justesen
December 7, 2021

Contractbook Automation builder enables you to optimise your contract management

Contractbook Automation Builder

The Contractbook in-app Automation Builder is a tool that enables you to optimize your contract management workflows with native integrations to some of the most requested external tools.

At the moment, you can find integrations with Salesforce and Slack, however, you can also request other integrations - ie. Hubspot, Pipedrive, Stripe, and more.
The Automation builder enables you to link up with your existing tool accounts and create automation workflows that will ease your contract management workload.

What is it for?

The Automation builder helps you setup automated workflows simply, and with little effort. We have made sure that you have all the integration settings up and running so you can focus on empowering your contract management. To get inspired, visit our Automation Universe with a catalogue of automation ideas.

With the Automation builder you can replace human resources by mapping out a standardized workflow to save time, remove tedious, repetitive tasks, and increase you efficiency, while also minimizing the risk of human errors.

A basic Automation workflow starts with an event that triggers a single or a series of actions. The automated workflow identifies actions outside of Contractbook, ie. an updated opportunity in Salesforce, which then triggers an action in Contractbook, such as a contract drafted.

What is a trigger?

As mentioned, an automated workflow starts with a trigger - then When incident. The trigger initiates the following actions and can be a number of things:

  • An updated sales opportunity
  • A fully signed contract
  • Any edits to a draft relating to a specific sales opportunity

What is an action?

The action(s) is what you want to happen automatically based on a specific event (trigger) - the Then incident. The idea is to make it unnecessary for you to do the specific action yourself and rather have it happen automatically. Examples of actions could be:

  • Create a (contract) draft
  • Update sales opportunity
  • Send Slack update message
  • Create reminder task

You can create as many automations as you want with out Foundation plan. Make sure to get on the Automation builder journey to decrease time spent on tedious tasks and minimize the risk of error, while maintaining strong data insights in everything you do.

Automations Recipes

For more inspiration on what you could automate, make sure to visit our Automation Universe. You can explore tens of automation recipes there to increase efficiency and reduce errors. Powerful workflows can help you manage the entire lifecycle of your contracts in a single streamlined workflow.