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Auto-detected reminder tasks

Auto-detected reminder tasks

Tobias Rudolf Justesen
December 6, 2021

Auto-detected reminder tasks for signed contracts

Auto-detected reminder tasks on signed contracts

The Contractbook Smart Reader is able to detect relevant future dates in your contract(s) which it uses to make automated suggestions for reminder tasks, that will enable you to stay ahead of renegotiation dates, contract renewals, etc.

Once you have signed a contract you find the auto-detected reminder tasks by clicking View document and heading to the taskbar on the right-hand side, and it will be shown if any reminder suggestions have been detected.

From here, you simply need to click on the suggestions, and add the information to is as you find relevant. The dates will be preset but naturally also be amended as per wish.

We hope it will enable you to improve your reminder organisation and stay ahead of the upcoming tasks on your contracts.Remember that you can create your reminders relatively to the due date of the task.