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Adding or changing your payment card

Adding or changing your payment card

Tobias Rudolf Justesen
August 2, 2021

This short article will teach you how to manage the payment card attached to your Contractbook profile.

Changing the card you use to pay for your Contractbook subscription is fast and easy. Just follow the steps below or watch this video for how to add a payment card:

Please be aware, that only individual users or team owners can attach or change the payment cards on their profiles. If you are a team member you cannot change or attach a payment card.

Step 1: To change or delete a payment card from your Contractbook profile, go to the drop-down menu found under your email address and press Go to billing.

Step 2: Press Add credit card.

Step 3: You can now add the new payment can you wish to use. Press Save credit card details.

You can now set the new payment card as default or delete the old card if you like.

To change default card simply select it to the left of the card name.

To delete a card press Remove credit card (see above image) then Remove. Please be aware that you cannot delete your default payment card.